6 Great Post Workout Foods

You’ve worked hard at the gym but now it’s time to think about what to eat. Here are some post-workout foods that can carry on the hard work you’ve put in.

You’ve put in the hard work at the gym, pushed yourself with the weights or on the treadmill, and now it’s time to think food. When you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle or generally live a healthier lifestyle, eating the right food is incredibly important, and eating the right food after a workout is essential.

Choosing the right post-workout foods can help build on the work you’ve done at the gym or after you’ve played sport. It can help you recover quicker, increase muscle growth and ensure your body fully reaps the benefits of the hard work you’ve put in.

Here are just a few foods you can try after your workout…

Lean Meat, Brown Rice and Vegetables

This is one of the most popular meals for those trying to lose weight or build muscle, and for good reason. The chicken is a fantastic source of protein which can help your body recover, while the brown rice will replace some of the carbs you’ve used, and the veggies are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

It doesn’t have to be boring though. Use some spices to give that chicken a bit of extra flavour.


You might think this tiny little grain is a bit of a fad, but quinoa is actually a brilliant post-workout food. It’s got loads of protein and fibre which can are both important for a healthy lifestyle – meat is a good source of these nutrients, which makes quinoa an ideal meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Incredibly quick and easy to make, scrambled eggs on toast is a brilliant meal for after you’ve finished your workouts, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

Eggs are basically pure protein so they are a great recovery food and if you’re building muscle then they’ve got all the amino acids your body needs to do so. Use granary or wholemeal bread for the toast as it’s healthier and contains higher quality carbs and fibre. You can also add some veggies or mushrooms to your scrambled eggs to get some extra vitamins and minerals.

Protein Bars

If you’ve had a tough workout and are feeling hungry than you can do worse than grabbing a protein bar to keep hunger at bay, especially if you’re not eating a meal for a little while. As mentioned in some of the other items on the list, consuming protein after a workout can help you recover and reduce damage to your muscles.

Just be careful that the protein bar you choose isn’t too full of unnecessary fats and sugars and some of them can be.

Chocolate Milk

This may sound like a strange, unhealthy choice but chocolate milk is actually quite widely used as a post workout drink. It has quite high levels of carbs and protein so is good for helping your muscles recover – just try not to choose one that’s too high in fat and sugar.

It also helps to keep you hydrated and replace some of the fluids you lose during your workout. Plus it tastes great, which is also a bonus!

Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt

This is a nice healthy choice for just about any time, regardless of whether you’ve done a workout or not! But it is a good choice for after you’ve been to the gym as the yoghurt, like a lot on this list, is a brilliant source of protein. Obviously fruit is also essential for a healthy diet and helps make the yoghurt a little more exciting to eat!