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Inulin Fibre Supplement

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Boost My Fibre is taste-less and mixes easily in water or your favourite beverage. You can even mix it in with your food or shakes!

Unlike other leading brands, only Boost My Fibres high grade ingredient has been clinically proven by the EFSA to contribute towards normal bowel function.

180g Tub (45 Servings per tub)

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7 reviews for Inulin Fibre Supplement

  1. A

    Excellent !!

  2. A

    Not been using it that long but am impressed with the taste and consistency. Previously had to take Fybogel which if anyone hasn’t experienced it, tastes foul and you’re gagging trying to swallow it. This is nothing like that – it disappears into the water and has a very mild pleasant taste. Results are good!

  3. K Bates

    Amazing and a must have! Has no taste just add to products . Does the job

  4. V Tabares

    Very good

  5. A

    I’ve noticed feeling not as bloated and have

  6. J Young

    This really helps and I make it up and put it in my shakes

  7. M Lawson

    Works really well and helps prevent constipation

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Allergens: See above in Bold


Nutritional Per 100g Per serving
Energy Values
Kcal 217 8.7
Kjoules 881 35.3
Typical nutritional values
Protein 0.0 0.0
Total Carbohydrates 12 0.47
-Sugars (g) 12 0.46
Fibre (g) 85 3.34


100% High Grade Chicory Inulin. Only this high grade version comes with EFSA accreditation for proven contribution towards bowel function.

Allergens: Manufactured on equipment that processes: Gluten.